Full-Service Architectural Model Making
  • Master Planning Models.

  • Conceptual/Schematic Models.

  • Sales Office/Marketing Models.

  • Interior models.

  • Topographic and Landscaping Models.

  • Replicas of existing buildings.

  • LED lighting, computer programmed and controlled by touch screen monitor.

  • High quality craftsmanship using Plexiglas, Wood, Metal etc.

  • Custom Pedestal Stands.

  • Plexiglas Dust Cover.

  • Material Boards.

  • Color Samples.

  • Laser Cutting.

  • 3D printing.

Visual Effects

We can add lighting to individual apartments, water features and signage on the model, and control them with switches on a touch screen monitor. Each unit can be individually lit and programmed.

We use high quality LED lights and fiber optics. We can program your presentation to show the floor layout and the view of each apartment on a touch screen monitor or wide screen projector.

Entering a Competition? Faced with tough deadlines? Call us

We can provide you with whatever level of expertise you need. We can assure that your design is executed with fidelity to your original concept; giving you the competitive edge that you seek.

Packaging & Shipping

We can customize shipping crates to assure the safety of your work during transport.

You can also rely on us to deliver models throughout the metropolitan area, and across the country or overseas.


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