A Master Model Maker brings the Architect's vision to life. Outstanding capabilities of mind and soul are required for such demanding role in architectural creative order. Only perfect communication with the Architect and faultless understanding of his purpose can create the professional environment where such transition into three-dimensional space may happen.

Richard completed his professional study in architecture at the Pratt Institute and developed there his lifelong passion for creative work. He has no greater delight than building his models with technologically advanced tools tempered in perfect craftsmanship.



Since before the age of BIM, master model-maker Richard Tenguerian has been turning two-dimensional drawings into 3-d works of art.



"MODEL CITIZEN"  By: John Gendall





Tenguerian Models is uniquely equipped to meet every architectural model-making challenge from highly detailed models to custom designed parts. We have the highest level of skills in technology and the finest standards of craftsmanship to put the client’s presentations to their best possible advantage. We value our profession and put love and creativity into our work.

Satisfaction of our clients is our primary concern. Each project and client is unique. We pay attention to each one individually and passionately bring the architects vision into life. We maintain the highest standards of excellence from the inception of every project to its completion, all keeping within our client’s vision.

Tenguerian Models has experience in working with both local and international Architects; and has designed models for high profile projects all over the world.


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